Esther Gronenborn

Esther Gronenborn, born in Oldenburg in 1968, is a graduate of the HFF MUNICH and has been working as a freelance writer and director since 1997. She graduated in 1997 and worked for two years for the production company DORO in Berlin as a music video and commercial director. Her feature film debut ALASKA.DE (2001) earned her numerous national and international awards, as well as the GERMAN and BAVARIAN FILM PRIZE for best director. She subsequently directed the youth drama ADIL GEHT (2004), one of three episodes of the episodic film STADT ALS BEUTE (2005) and the mystery thriller HINTER KAIFECK (2009). Since then, she has mainly made television films and has also realized works for the BERLIN PHILHARMONIE and three interactive feature films on drug prevention in schools, among others. Her television film DAS WEßE SCHWEIGEN was nominated for the DEUTSCHEN FERNSEHPREIS, the GRIMME PREIS and the DEUTSCHEN FERNSEHKRIMI-PREIS in 2022. She is a member of the GERMAN and EUROPEAN FILMAKADEMIE, a founding member of PRO QUOTE REGIE and was on the board of PRO QUOTE FILM. Among other things, she works voluntarily for the federal program DEMOCRACY LIFE!